Mobile Application ‘Girls Around Me’ Under Fire

Mobile Application ‘Girls Around Me’ Under FireThese days, the mobile application ‘Girls Around Me’ has become quite famous among men as it helps men in stalking women. It has been informed that the application provides information to the users about the bars where women have just checked in.

Besides, the application also provides information about women’s Facebook profile and their profile pictures. The application is the creation of i-Free. The application was developed with the aiming of introducing a social networking site.

However, the misuse of the application has actually put the privacy of many women at the risk, as they are being stalked by mysterious men. Recently, i-Free blocked the application on the basis of privacy concern. It has been found that the application is breaching the privacy policies of the social networking sites.

It has been informed that the application used to collect its data from FourSquare. FourSquare has alleged that the application ‘Girls Around Me’ violates its privacy policies. Facebook has not yet commented upon the case.

The maker of the application at present is trying to find a solution of the problem so that users of the application could use it without any restriction. It has been unveiled that since the launch of the application, it has been downloaded for about 70,000 times.


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