Researchers Claim That Body Mass Index Can be Misleading

BMIIf you think that you have a healthy weight due to the fact that you have proper BMI, then there is need for you to think again. If a US study is to be believed then the worldwide standard that has been in use for over two centuries to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy weight has been misclassifying dangerously fat people as the perfect body shape. The study has been published in journal PLoS One.

The Body Mass Index (BMI) has been widely used by medical experts, health insurers and the fitness industry for a long time and the study claims that it has a lot of discrepancies in its formula of deduction who is healthy and who is not. There are nearly 50% women and 20 % men who have been categorized as healthy when their body-fat composition suggests they are obese.

The BMI is basically a proxy for human body fat which is based on the height and weight of the person. It does not actually include the body fat in its deduction.

During the study done on around 9,000 people, the ratio of fat-to-lean muscle mass was taken into account for the detection of cases of obesity. The numbers that came out suggested that those people who would have been termed healthy from BMI aspect had huge risks of health problems.

In order to calculate the level of obesity, the researchers used fat-composition standards used by the American Society for Bariatric Physicians. Till date many people were thinking that they were in shape and living a healthy life style, but this study shatters all those claims stating that the obesity problem in US may be much worse than previously thought, and people were underestimating the issue of obesity.


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