Microsoft’s Courier Launched

Microsoft’s Courier LaunchedIt has been reported that most awaited Microsoft’s Courier have hit the market on Tuesday. The most awaited two-screen concept tablet has recently hit the Apple’s iOS App Store. At the same time, a new iPad app, Paper has also made its first appearance in the market.

It has been informed that Courier would allow the users to note down something and would also allow the users to sketch pictures. At the other hand Paper is a program, which enables its users to draw and paint. Besides, it also allows its users to make notes.

The markets are already flooded with similar applications and programs like SketchBook Pro, Brushes, and ArtRage. However, the recently released programs have fewer features which are missing in the already available programs.

It has been informed that Paper gives a felling of a fresh white paper with a pen which is smooth and easy to handle. Besides, the program does have the feature of undo and rewind. However, there are few drawbacks in Paper. The users of Papers might not be able to zoom in and would also find it hard to save a copy of the drawing on the iPad’s Camera Roll. However, overall, the qualities of the Paper are far better than its competitors.


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