Zipper Interactive to Be Shut Down

Zipper Interactive to Be Shut DownIt has been reported that Zipper Interactive is being shut down by Sony. The confirmation about the shutting down of Zipper Interactive was made by Sony, on Friday. Zipper Interactive had been running for past 17 years and have given birth to ‘SOCOM’ action-game franchise.

The announcement of shutdown was made soon after the release of "Unit 13," a shooting game for Sony's new PlayStation Vita handheld-gaming device. It has been informed that the company has more than 80 employees.

It has not yet been informed as to what will be the future of the employees of the Zipper Interactive. It is believed that the employees would be shifted to other Sony studios. However, no formal announcement in this regard has been made yet.

One year before the announcement of the shutdown of Zipper Interactive, the Sony closed down the Sony Online Entertainment. The Sony Online Entertainment was launched in 2004. Although Sony is closing down some of its studios, it is also keeping its horizon open as last August it acquired Bellevue's Sucker Punch Productions. Zipper Interactive was acquired by Sony in 2006. Through the acquisition, Sony sold SOCOM franchise for more than 12 million units. While announcing the closer of Zipper, Sony said that Zipper had completed all work associated with "Unit 13”.


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