HSE Presents Financial Report

HSEThe health service executive has unveiled its financial report of the year, in which they have declared that they have made overspending of more than €53 million. The HSE said that hospitals have over spent €22 million and care groups have overspent €17.6 million.

The report read: “We know that some hospitals came into 2012 with levels of expenditure which were too high relative to their available resource. These hospitals have suffered further budget cuts in 2012”.

Some of the hospitals which have overspent are Tallaght and Beaumont hospitals, St Vincent’s hospital and St James’s Hospital.

The report seems to have made it clear that the over-expenditure has been done due to specific reasons. Citing an example, the report read that public nursing homes have over spent €2 million as they have introduced advanced tools of treatment.

In addition, the HSE report has put across a matter, which needs serious discussions among the authorities concerned. The HSE has warned that increased rush of patients will lead to closure of public nursing home beds, as there is a complete imbalance between the ratio of staff and patients.

Optimum level of staff is not present to tackle increased rush of patients. This will not only lead to the closure of hospital beds, but will also increase the waiting lines of patients.

A spokeswoman for the HSE in Dublin said that they are having daily discussions with the management of Connolly Hospital to make sure that they make expenditures as per their allocated budget.

It has also been found that 25% of life-threatening calls were not responded within target time. The HSE said that such shortcomings in meeting targets cannot be accepted and it needs a quick solution to the problem.


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