Decision to Restrict Cheese Advertisement Facing Troubles

cheeseRecently, the Irish Dairy Industries Association together with Irish dairy processing industry said that the decision taken by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland for banning the advertisement of cheese can be misleading as it sends mixed message to the consumers.

The Executive of Irish Dairy Industries Association, Claire McGee, was reported as saying: “By classifying dairy as unhealthy, the BAI is sending the wrong message to consumers and undermining Government nutritional recommendations…Today's decision will only confuse consumers on what is a healthy, balanced diet”.

It has been informed that restriction over the advertisements of cheese during children programs has been called by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland. The authority has said that cheese contains fat which should be avoided as it can make a person obese.

The decision by the authority has been taken with the pursuit of lowering the increasing rates of obesity among kids. Obesity has become a growing problem among various countries. Previous studies have linked it to life-threatening diseases like cancer and diabetes. Besides, a child facing obesity is at higher risk of being affected with heart diseases in future.

Claire McGee has condemned the action taken by the authority. Claire McGee said that the country on one side is promoting cheese products in foreign countries, and on the other side the government of Ireland is restricting the promotion of cheese within the country.

For the coming two months, the public would be asked to conduct debate over the proposal. During the same period, the concerns of the public will be addressed. The final decision over the restriction of advertisement would be taken after two months. Dairy products are believed to be good for health. If restrictions over the advertisement of cheese are imposed then consumers might be baffled.


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