Light it Up Blue In April In Support Of Autism

Light it Up Blue In April In Support Of AutismThe month of April would be celebrated as Autism Awareness Month. In the support of Autism Awareness Month a large number of business areas would be replacing normal fluorescent lights with bright blue lights.

The move would be taken by all those who wish to raise awareness about the brain disorder, which affects a large number of children all over the world. It has been reported about a dozen of business firms and residents would be switching on blue bright lights in support of the Autism patients.

From the past three years, the event called ‘Light It Up Blue’ is being organized. In this particular event, the participants turn on blue lights in support of Autism. However, for the very first time, the Rock Hill’s Chrysalis Autism Center would be asking businesses and residents to turn on blue light.

Thomas Gymnastics is said to be taking part in the ‘Light It Up Blue’ event with the pursuit of raising awareness and funds for Autistic children. The Co-owner of Thomas Gymnastics, Mark Bonsky said, “It’s important because it brings awareness to the children and the financial support from the businesses. Anything that can help the children, we support it”.

Besides, Home Depot and other appliance stores are providing blue lights to the residents and businesses with the aim of raising funds. The vent is being organized with the aim of improving the lives of Autistic patients.

It is hoped that with this year’s initiative significant changes in the lives of Autistic patients would be introduced. People are being encouraged to take part in the event. Autism is a brain disorder. It affects mainly kids and causes the problem in socializing and in maintaining relationships.


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