World’s Greatest Shave Activity Going Great Guns

World’s Greatest Shave Activity Going Great GunsAs per reports, it has been found that fund raising activity for the Leukaemia Foundation is going great guns. The people across the globe are taking part in the World’s Greatest Shave activity, in which one can either donate his locks or should dye them.

It has been found that even a sixth class student of Mosman Public School has shaved his entire locks to raise $750 for the Leukaemia Foundation. Jamie Graham said that he wanted to take part in the fund raising activity for last two years. However, his parents kept on denying him, as they thought he will forget or will change his mind.

Graham said that the last years helped him to strengthen his will and this year, he got permission from his parents to shave his entire locks. Graham has now become one of t5eh thousands clippers, who have donated their hair to raise funds for the foundation.

Graham said that initially he wanted to raise $500, but then he and his friends helped him to raise $1500. In addition, it has been found that Graham’s school has also contributed $390 to raise funds for the organization.

Other two participants who took part in the activity were Lalor’s Kathy Davis and her sister Belinda Christomallis. Both of them were of the view that it’s been two weeks, but still it surprises them when they see themselves in the mirror. However, they affirmed that they feel light and cool after voluntarily losing their hair.

“This is my third shave and considering the limited resource now atop my head I would think that I should get a premium price for my hair”, said one of the sisters. Davis said that leukemia is the worst cancer one can have and this is the reason that they have been taking part in the activity for last two years.


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