Tax Payers Want Money Back

LincolnAs per reports, it has been revealed that the Liberal government has rejected four new hospital projects for renovation of West Lincoln Memorial Hospital in Grimsby. The hospital is 60 years old and caters to more than 55,000 people in Lincoln, West Lincoln and Grimsby.

Lincoln Mayor Bill Hodgson said that they have been thinking to renovate the hospital since 2002 and have been raising tax dollars for its construction. “This predates my term as mayor and back then it was actually a question whether municipalities would pay for a hospital. Today it is expected, but then it was an open question”, he further affirmed.

Not only the government, but area residents have also contributed $14.5 million in donations to the West Lincoln Memorial Hospital Foundation’s campaign so that a new building can be raised. But now it seems that the process will take a lot many years.

Hodgson said that he knows the process have taken a lot of time and this is the reason that he has been receiving mails from people that they want their tax money back. He said that he has been trying to sort out eth situation, and soon will take a step to decide its future.


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