US Food Advisers Asking for Heart Safety Studies for Obesity Drugs

ObesityIt has been reported that the US Drug advisers have recommended that the consequences of obesity drugs over the heart should be gauged before allowing it to be prescribed to the patients. In the past, a number of obesity drugs have caused harmful effect over heart.

The recommendation by the US Drug advisories could have serious implications. The drug manufacturers, Vivus Inc and Arena Pharmaceuticals Inc are gearing to introduce new obesity drugs. It is believed that the recommendations by the advisories might make them difficult to sell their drugs in the markets.

Following the recommendation, the shares of Vivus fell down significantly. Vivus is seeking approval of the drug administrators for its obesity drug Qnexa. Although the shares of Vivus experienced a sharp plunge, later day trading helped it gain profits.

Critics are of the view that new clinical trial for the heart safety studies would prove expensive for the manufactures. Therefore, it has been recommended that meta-analysis of existing data prior to approval should be conducted.

It is believed that weight lose improves the heart condition. However, previous studies have found that obesity drugs can have serious implications over the working of the heart. Obesity is believed to be one of the main causes of life threatening diseases like heart diseases and diabetes.

A person trying to lose weight can easily get attracted towards obesity drugs which can indirectly put heart at risk. Therefore, it is advisable that heart safety studies should be conducted by the manufacturers of obesity drugs to make sure that the drug if consumed won’t cause any heart related problems.

The Food and drug Administration is yet to comment on the recommendations made by the US food advisers.


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