Public Concerns Over Metal-on-Metal Hip Implants Forced FDA’s Intervention

Metal-Hip-ImplantsIt seems that the mounting pressure on the Food and Drug Administration in context with the safety concerns attached with the metal-on-metal hip implants has worked now. In response to the same, the health regulator has claimed that it would put the device for a review for two days under the surveillance of an advisory panel.

The panel of experts would be allowed to take the desired level of information from scientists, researchers, patients and medical practitioners so that some sort of result could be concluded in the same context. The results would also clear whether or not there is any need of new standards to e placed before the device is being sold in the US market.

It seems that the news has not gone down well with the investors as well, as reports claimed that the Stryker Corporation was seen moving down by 0.7%, Zimmer Holdings nosedived by 1.1% and Johnson & Johnson lost 0.3%, thereby making it clear that the companies are losing their value in the market.

”We are asking outside scientific and medical experts to discuss recent information on these devices so that the agency can continue to make reliable safety recommendations”, said Dr. William Maisel, deputy director of science at the F. D. A.’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health.

If reports from the British Medical Journal are to be believed, there are as many as 270,000 hip replacements performed each year in the United States, which are accounted to be almost 40% of the total joint replacements done.

With the slew of reports indicating that failure rate of the all-metal hip implants has gone up recently, it had become all the more imperative that concrete measures are being taken to pay heed to the woes of the sufferers before things turn worse.


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