Australia and New Zealand Make Joint Bid to Win SKA Project

SKA-ProjectAs per reports, it has been revealed that Australia is trying its level best to win the site selection bid on which $2 billion Square Kilometre Array (SKA) project will be made. The announcement was made to assure people that they have an upper edge than its close rival South Africa.

In order to further strengthen to host the world's largest radio telescope, Australia has entered into a contract with New Zealand, and now both the countries have made a joint bid for the site. The project will be financed by consortium of 20 countries, said the board of directors of Square Kilometre Array (SKA) project.

They affirmed that they still have to decide the country where the project will be built. Australia said that they have already decided that where the project will be made in the country. The Federal Science and Research Minister, Chris Evans, said that Australia is quite positive to win the bid.

He further affirmed that the project will be made on a remote sheep station in Western Australia and will have thousands of antennas. “We recognize that South Africa's got a strong bid as well, but we think we've got a superior case and we are going to keep arguing and pushing it until a decision is made”, said Evans.

The Federal Government said that they do not want to blobby the discussions of the SKA's board. However, they are thinking to send Evans to Europe, so that he can have face to face meeting with stakeholders, as it will improve their chance of winning the bid.

The telescope will be able to discover hundreds of times more galaxies in a single day, said the SKA team. Such kind of facility is not present in current radio telescopes.


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