Breast Cancer Gene Mutation Identified

Breast Cancer Gene Mutation IdentifiedAs per a study being taken out by the University of Melbourne researchers, it has been revealed that a new breast cancer gene mutation has been detected. Lead researcher Melissa Southey said that the discovery will help to know the cause of the cancer, and to find suitable treatment for the same.

Southey said that they discovered the new gene called XRCC2 with the help of high-speed technology. For now, there are only two genes from which a person can know about breast cancer condition. However, the two genes account for 20% of the breast cancer cases, and 80% of the cases are linked to unknown reasons.

The study, which has been published in the American Journal of Human Genetics, is still being continued. The study researchers want to analyze more situations and this is the reason for continuing the study.

Southey explained that technology is advancing, and their development is evidence of it. She further affirmed that if a woman has strong family history of breast cancer then also it will not be possible for her to know the presence of genetic mutations that can cause breast cancer.

The technology that was being used to detect the gene was the latest genetic sequencing technology, which is known as massively parallel sequencing, told Southey. She further affirmed that the new method helped them to analyze the entire DNA and that too in few days.

The DNA of 689 families affected with breast cancer and 1308 women who had early onset breast cancer were analyzed and DNA of 1120 healthy people was also analyzed.

"Our study approach could be applied to many other common, complex diseases with components of unexplained heritability, such as colorectal and prostate cancers”, said Dr. Daniel Park, co-author of the study.


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