Narcolepsy Rise Feared Due To Swine Flu Vaccine

Narcolepsy Rise Feared Due To Swine Flu VaccineIt has been recently revealed in a report that there might have been a rise in the number of cases of narcolepsy due to the increasing number of swine flu vaccines given to children in Finland. Narcolepsy is a sort of disorder of sleep, in which one would suffer symptoms such as paralysis attacks, sudden naps, and drowsiness and so on.

The scientists are of the view that there might be a link in the sudden rise of these narcolepsy cases and the rise in the pandemrix vaccine, which has been given to many children since the year 2010, for protecting them from swine flu.

It is worrying to see how the vaccination for preventing one affliction might go on to form something else. There has been a 5.3% rise in the number of narcolepsy cases and this is surely a matter for concern. There is need for effective tests to be done to find out the root cause of the same, so that it can be fought well.

"The outcome of this review was that Pandemrix may only be used in persons aged less than 20 years if the annual seasonal vaccine was not available and if there was a particular need to immunize against H1N1”, said a spokesman for the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency.

There are more tests going to be conducted in this regard to find out if there has been a similar effect of the drug n other countries as well, or is it something that is only affecting this particular region. It is essential to make these findings quick in order to find alternative solutions for the condition in the near future.


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