Windows 8 will Land with a Much Better Touch Experience

Windows 8 will Land with a Much Better Touch ExperienceWith a large number of touch screen tablets and touch-enabled PCs available these days, not all of them poses similar touch screen effects. Though touch input is central to all these devices, but still many of them don't get the accurate one. Especially, when we talk about low priced devices that concentrate on the hardware and looks of phones like the Amazon's Kindle Fire, then it supports only two-finger touch.

Microsoft, which since years is known as a software company aiming to offer customers with a much better touch experience every time, is all ready to launch its next version of Windows and this time also, it is focusing largely on its touch features.

Windows 8 is highly concentrating on its touch gestures. Reason behind this is that the accuracy of touch features and its reliability are two very important aspects for them. This is something that has made Microsoft develop Windows 8 PCs in such a way that it supports touch by a minimum of five fingers.

At the same time, Microsoft also ensures that its already existing Windows 7 PCs that are in line to be upgraded with latest OS, in spite of having the ideal hardware, provides a satisfactory touch experience to all its users.


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