Top Doctor, Chief Medical Officer of Alberta Hospital to Resign

Top Doctor, Chief Medical Officer of Alberta Hospital to ResignRecent reports revealed that Alberta Hospital's Chief Medical Officer of Health, Andre Corriveau, will be resigning from his post this spring.

According to the sources, Andre was the top doctor of the hospital and had been the one to actively bring up the campaign for H1N1 influenza vaccination in the province and also helped fight against Sexually Transmitted Infections. The rates of the diseases further declined drastically.

Mr. Corriveau joined the hospital three years ago when the hospital was facing problems dealing with syphilis cases. Moreover, he asserted that the other health officials supported him all through his three years of service at this place. He said, "I think we're in a much better place now than we've ever been in the province to deal with a public health emergency".

He expects the team that he has been able to bring up the hospital effectively till now, is capable enough to tackle any problem. Moreover, he believes that the position of the hospital now is such that the new chief will tackle even new problems.

The doctor will be returning to his old job as the chief public health officer for the Northwest Territories. However, Albert Health and Wellness has already advertised for the replacement and hoping that the position will be filled up by the June1.


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