Sprint Nextel Corp To Introduce 4G LTE network

Sprint-NextelSprint Nextel Corp has recently unveiled its plans of introducing 4G LTE network, which would boost the mobile broadband network services. It has further been informed that initially 100 million Americans would be allowed to experience the new 4G LTE network.

The 4G LTE network plan would be introduced in six cities. 4G LTE network would be available to the iPhone users. There are a few who are of the view that the Sprint’s plans of introducing 4G LTE network might not work as its rivals are also gearing up to launch faster broadband services. The Chief Financial Officer of Sprint, Joe Euteneuer said that the company is playing safe by introducing the network to only six cities till midyear.

In the last quarter, iPhone had helped Sprinter in keeping 1.8 million customers and at the same time, it also booked significant revenue. Apple has recently rolled out its 4G LTE-capable iPad tablet computer. Sprint would no doubt be benefited by the launch of the tablet as it requires 4G LTE network.

It is hoped that Sprint Nextel Corp would be able to achieve its goals through the introduction of the 4G LTE network. The shares of Sprint are performing poorly at the moment as they have shed 5 cents.


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