NHS Meets Targets

NHS Meets TargetsAs per reports, it has been revealed that the Scottish Government is making all efforts to meet the target times of treating cancer patients. Official statistics have revealed that 96.9% patients started receiving cancer treatment within 62 days of their referral.

In addition, 98.2% of patients started receiving medical help when it was revealed to them that they have cancer. After reviewing both the percentages, it has been found that there has been 0.2% increase in the figures.

There are places where it seems that more efforts need to be done, like the NHS Grampian area. There are only 92.2% of patients, who started their treatment with the given referral time. Grampian is not the only place, which has missed to achieve the target.

Some other places, which have missed the target, are NHS Shetland as 94.4% people have been treated in the given timeframe. The Scottish Government was of the view that they have been efforts to meet the target and the NHS Grampian area is the only area, which has not been able to meet the target.

Labour health spokeswoman Jackie Baillie said that she is quite happy to know that efforts are giving due results, but she was of the view that Scottish Government should reduce the waiting times.

"For patients diagnosed with cancer, 31 days can be an incredibly long and anxious wait. It is time for us, as a nation, to now cut cancer waiting times even further”, she further affirmed.

Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon also applauded the efforts of the NHS and said that they have made fantastic efforts to meet the targets and have also achieved them. Sturgeon said that she expects that the NHS keeps on achieving its targets.


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