Fat Mother Wants To Shed Weight

Fat Mother Wants To Shed WeightA mother of six, who weighs 33 stone, wants to shed weight as she wants to go on a holiday and wants to do a job. She is unable to go on a holiday as is unable to fit in a single seat of plane and needs at least two seats to fit.

Same is at work, first of all, no one is ready to give her job due to her hefty size and second reason is that she is unable to fit in a normal office seat and could barely stand for two minutes on feet. She has realized that weight loss is the only solution and has now been asking for an NHS weight loss operation.

Sara Agintas said that she kept on increasing weight with every pregnancy and more over she was quite disturbed during that phase and took out her frustration while eating. Her daily diet includes eight tins of sausages, three bags of crisps and two big Macs with chips, two 40oz pork chips and pickled onion jar, and 12 cans of Heineken.

Before getting settled with current partner Halbin, she was involved in two other men, but both left her due to her increasing waist size. Sara got pregnant when she was 17 years old, but her first left her after realizing she is pregnant.

She was 15 stones that time, and tried to get a job to earn for her baby, but was unable to get job. Things got even more difficult and she started to statue her needs by gorging on low prized fatty things.

Sara entered into a second relationship, but he also left her for skinner woman. Things got even worse for her, and she kept on gorging on fatty things. Now she has realized her mistake, and encourages her children to opt for a healthy diet.


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