Health Professor Calls for Ban on Cigarette Exports

Health Professor Calls for Ban on Cigarette ExportsAs per recent reports, it has been revealed that that a public health professor in New Zealand is stressing on the need of placing ban on the export of tobacco products, claiming that the government should consider phasing out tobacco, as well as cigarette exports must be given a ban rather than an increase.

His comments have reportedly followed news that the Petone Factory of Imperial Tobacco is quadrupling all of its exports to Australia.

As fragment of a massive $45mn upgrade, it has been said that the Petone plant will now be able to manufacture a heaping 8000 cigarettes per minute.

Most of the cigarettes of the Imperial for Australia are, as of now, made by British American Tobacco in Sydney, but it has been informed by experts in the know that the said agreement is sue to run out in June this year, and it’s the Petone plant which will reap a world of benefits from it.

But still, Nick Wilson, an associate professor for public health at the Wellington-based University of Otago, said that New Zealand, being a responsible country, must not be exporting any sort of tobacco product.

“Everyone knows this is a hazardous product, we should be in phase-out mode, and that means as part of that there should be no exports. We're not allowed to export certain products like land mines, we sign treaties to ban that, well this should be in the same category”, he added further.

It was a purely a Governmental failure to allow the expansion of the plant, as the tobacco industry is right at its spot of doing what it used to do in the capitalist era.


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