"Pink Slime" Opens to Public

"Pink Slime" Opens to PublicThe mail of a microbiologist at the U. S. Department of Agriculture has revealed the bitter facts to the public explaining the ongoing mess of fatty beef by-products with the chemicals.

The former U. S. Government Scientist, Mr. Gerald Zirnstein, had recently sent a private e-mail to one of his colleagues explaining him about the non-labeling and tasteless cartilage along with informing him about addition of several chemicals to the scrap meat prior introducing them to the U. S. ground beef.

The U. S. scientist coined the entire ongoing mess of the food products under the term `Pink Slime'. His internal e-mail (written to his fellow scientist) explaining thoroughly the ongoing mix of the beef products and connective tissues with the chemical ammonium hydroxide (then blended with the ground beef) going public has immediately banned the product by the nation's largest supermarket chains.

Moreover, the uncovered truths are also witnessing explosions of outrage from several consumer groups like McDonald's, who has recently announced in its statement about no more purchasing of hamburger containing any finely textured beef, the USDA, who also has said that school districts will no more opt feeding the product to its children.

Many campaigns started their operation in the region against the concerned products and the health authorities are putting in their best efforts to stop the mess and make sure that the Pink Slime is rejected lifelong.

"You look through the regulations and a lot of that stuff was never approved for hamburger. It was under the radar", said the 54 years old Mr. Zirnstein, who lives outside Washington, D. C. with his wife and 2-year-old son. "It's cheating. It's economic fraud", he said in a telephone interview.

No one exactly knows since when the mess is ongoing but Mr. Zirnstein got to know about it a decade ago.


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