Law Officer’s Life Saved by a Criminal Donor

Law Officer’s Life Saved by a Criminal DonorWhen a person is told to make a choice that could eventually mean their life and death, they usually go for trying. Same was the case with law and order crusader Derryn Hinch. Before his liver transplant he was told that the organ that he getting might save him or even kill him. This is due to the fact that the donor was a drug addict. The donor, Heath David Gardner, who was in jail on the charges of assault had died after being shot at in Melbourne.

In a TV show, Hinch revealed this story how he was told by his surgeon before undergoing the surgery that as the donor was a drug addict there was a chance that his organ might be carrying certain viruses including hepatitis B and C or HIV. He was asked that it was his choice to go forward with this surgery or not to accept the organ. But Hinch who has been gambling with his life fighting crime has no other choice. He had to make a decision and he chose to go forward with it.

After the surgery he was contacted by the sister of the donor to confirm whether Hinch was doing all right and that her brother's gift had brought some respite in his life. She also forwarded Hinch the picture of Gardner, which gave him Goosebumps. After looking at the face of the man who saved his life, he became so touched. Although Hinch did not know Gardner in life, he came to know him after his death, which changed his life a lot.


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