New Application by Nokia

New Application by NokiaIt has been recently revealed in a report that there has been the launch of a new application by Nokia. This is for the purpose of media place-shifting and for being able to streamline DLNA into the phone by Windows.

This shall in the long run be able to help in the better performance of the PS3 and Xbox360. What's more: this application shall be available for free for the users of the Nokia Lumia phone.

This is a gig to facilitate in sharing videos and photos better and they can be easily displayed with the use of laptops and TVs as well. It has been revealed that this new application might soon be able to garner a lot of interest of the users and would help the firm in gaining better profits in the time to come.

It remains to be seen how much more enthusiasts can be garnered by the firm in the time to come, with the help of this new way of making the experience of sharing videos and photos so conveniently.

This should surely put Nokia in a better market space for now and shall be able to help them gain more profit as well.


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