Ex-Smokers Need Not Be Preached Further

Ex-Smokers Need Not Be Preached FurtherIt has been recently revealed in a report that free smoking counseling sessions isn't any god for the ones who really want to give up smoking. This has been revealed according to a research done by team from the University of Nottingham and it was revealed that this wouldn't have any extra support effect on the people who had already given up.

There are many people who give up smoking each year and a follow up is kept n them to monitor their situation, for at least about a year. It was revealed by the Department of Health and the UK centre for Tobacco Control Studies that this new NHS helpline for the smokers, wouldn't tend to help those further who had already given up.

This is why there is need to focus on the people who are still smoking and in need for help. It also might mean putting them to a risk of getting hooked to their bad habit once again. This is because this campaign will tease them and provokes them further to try smoking and might actually put one to a situation worse from where it all started. This is why it is essential that the people who already have taken the huge step of trashing their cigarettes are simply supported silently, and not given any further lectures about how they need to keep up the good work.

"It brings into sharp relief the need to find other ways of using quitlines to help smokers give up, and so to reduce the terrible effects smoking has on people's lives and the costly burden to the NHS", said Professor Tim Coleman of the UK Centre for Tobacco Control Studies, the lead author of the study. The NHS also doesn't need to waste money by preaching people who have already got the message.


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