McDonald’s CEO To Retire On 1st July

McDonaldOn Wednesday, McDonald’s announced that its most successful Chief Executive, Jim Skinner would be retiring this summer. Jim Skinner has helped McDonald’s to sail smoothly through the tough financial scenario.

McDonald’s Chief Operating Officer, Don Thompson would be substituting Jim Skinner on 1st July. Jim Skinner joined McDonald’s as CEO in 2004. During the regime of Jim Skinner, the company has witnessed lucrative profits.

He helped the company in dealing with the competition by introducing smoothies, wraps and coffee drinks. In the praise of Skinner, Bob Goldin from the Technomic said, “Jim Skinner’s one of the great C. E. O.’s in the world. They’re on just such an incredible roll, the company”.

While acknowledging the announcement of his retirement, Mr. Skinner said that Don Thompson is all set to take up the role and challenges of the CEO. Mr. Skimmer is retiring at the age of 67.

He has not revealed about his future plans. Before joining McDonald’s, Mr. Skimmer was in Navy. It has been informed that he didn’t finish his college. He had been working with McDonald’s since 1971. Initially he joined the firm as management trainee and gradually became the CEO. His efforts and zeal to learn has made him a famous personality of the world.


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