Concern over Mysterious Death of 4 Rhinos

RhinosIt has been recently revealed in a report that there has been the death of four white rhinos at a zoo in Australia. This is a startling incident because they looked absolutely fine and the zoo authorities are currently trying to find out what must’ve caused their mysterious deaths.

This is a case of the Taronga Western Plains Zoo, situated near the New South Wales Dubbo city. The authorities are of the view that the deaths are being investigated upon and there are investigations underway with the help of rhino specialists in North America and Africa.

They had displayed some sort of neurological problems in the form of stumbling, before they died. There is need for quick investigation to be done in the matter, because this is already an endangered species and there is need for conservation of the same. The vanishing number of rhinos might mean they might soon get extinct, if care isn’t taken by the authorities.

It was revealed by Matt Fuller, the general manager of the zoo that there are many possible reasons of these deaths that are being investigated upon. These might be snake venom, bacterial infections as well as other different types of infections.

It has further been revealed that the remaining healthy rhinos have been quarantined, and all necessary precautions are being taken for safeguarding them.

"The rhino keepers and veterinary staff know and care for every individual in the herd, so this has been a huge shock, and we're all very sad and supporting each other through this difficult time”, he said further.

It remains to be seen how much time it takes to find out the cause of death of the rhinos, and how the others are kept safe from harm in the time to come.


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