NHS Combined Healthcare Puts Forward Plans to Become a Foundation Trust

NHSAccording to sources, the NHS Combined healthcare has put forward certain plans in which the body has stated that it wishes to become a Foundation Trust (FT)

At present they are running a three-month analysis on whether the public wants the organization to become a FT or not. However, the analysis is going to end by the March 30.

The organization at present employs 1,500 staff and spends £86 million a year. The management of the organization expects that the status of FT will favor the organization to a great extent. It will help them in taking decisions regarding the advancements themselves.

However, for the time being they are under the total control of NHS, but in case the analysis proves out to be in their favor, then the things will change. The organization is expected to be supervised by a council of governors those will be elected by the people and from the people who volunteer to be a member.

The management has asked the people to put forward their response to the plans that have been proposed, as its sanction depends only upon their positive responses.

Project Director Donna Hadley said: "We are still eager to hear people's views on our application. NHS foundation trust status would give the local community a greater say on how the organization’s hospital and community services are run and delivered”.

Still, only 135 individuals and a few organizations have formally responded to their application, however, the responses are positive.

Meanwhile, a NHS Foundation Trust Hospital Gloucestershire, which runs the biggest chains of hospitals in the country, has failed to prove its worth and has been ranked in the worst 20% in the UK. The staff is unsatisfied with the work as they are over-pressurized.

However, the management stated that the comments received from the patients have been good so far. But they will surely look forward to make their staff feel more satisfied.


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