Ted Baker Revenue Rises

Ted-BakerIt has been recently revealed in a report that fashion brand Ted Baker, Britain, has seen a rise in its revenue. It revealed that the revenue has reached the £215.6m mark and this has largely been due to the major consumer hold that it has gained in the year 2011.

It’s a brand a lot of people can relate to. It is surely a luxury brand, but it has made fashion more affordable to the masses and this is what adds to its credibility. It was further said, however, that the pre-tax profit of the same has seen a downfall recently, sending it down to 752 for a share.

It was revealed by Ray Kelvin, the founder and chief executive of the company, that the situation is definitely unfair for them as they now shall have to bear extra costs, considering that they are in their expanding stages.

“It’s an unfair situation really, there were costs for this year but we’re carrying the costs of expansion, It’s a coming of Ted Baker to the world stage and we’re really pushing ahead – it’s been a good performance, not only in the UK as well as overseas”, revealed Mr. Kelvin.


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