Mass Effect 3 Introduced

Mass Effect 3 IntroducedMass Effect 3 is the latest addition to the video game series known as Mass Effect. The game is an extensive sci-fi epic about aliens who want to conquer the universe. The game is quiet exciting, but experts were of the view that people, who are going to play it for the first time should complete its first two parts before moving to the third.

The game is about Reapers, which is a group of aliens, who want to threaten civilization, and in all this process, they are destroying the Earth. When one will start playing the game, then he will play the role of Commander Shepard, who can be changed as per gender.

The main job of him will be to gather a fighting force so that he can attack Reapers as well as win from them. During the journey to gather forces, Captain will get enormous powers and he has to apply his brain that how he can attack on aliens.

In the game, one will get enough time to remain with Salarians and Turians, the tribes and to win them so they can fight with Captain against aliens. Mass effect 3 is said to be quite different from its previous two versions.


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