China’s Share of Global Weapons Export Surging, Says Sipri

Global-WeaponsFor past many decades, China has been enjoying the reputation of world’s top weapons importer. But recently, it has been informed that China has fallen to the fourth place in the annual list of Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (Sipri).

Today, Sipri issued a report in which it said that China has received just 5% of the total volume of imported weapons since 2007 to 2011. Quite surprisingly, China has been taken over by India. Last year, India became the world’s largest importer of weapons.

Although India has surpassed China, it is still struggling to reach the top position in the import of combat aircraft and engines. Meanwhile, it has come to light that China is planning to increase its spending over military by 11%.

The discussion has been taken while keeping in mind the growing disputes among the neighboring countries. Although the import of weapons has witnessed a plunge in China, the country has been acknowledged for becoming one of the powerful exporters of weapons. The Sipri informed that China stands at sixth place in the export of weapons. It has further been informed that in the coming time, the spending of Asia-Pacific over weapons would increase by 4.2%.


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