FAA’s Fresh Look at Ban on Use of Personal Electronic Devices While in Flight

FAA’s Fresh Look at Ban on Use of Personal Electronic Devices While in FlightWith concerns of passengers’ safety while using electronic devices while in flight, we have always heard officials or the staff requesting them to switch off their devices during the journey.

Reports from FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) have cleared that the administration is reconsidering the ban introduced over the use of the devices other than cell phones like iPads, BlackBerrys, e-readers, and more, for the time being.

To gain an approval over a device, tests are run on an empty flight with only one model being allowed at a time. Every device is prior tested in an airline's fleet for every single airline that looks forward to allow the use of the personal electronic devices during the journey, said the Vice-President at Virgin America.

To get some firm decisions, FAA has decided to reevaluate the matter entirely by working closely with the manufacturers, consumer electronic associations, aircraft and avionics manufacturers, airlines, pilots, flight attendants and passengers, etc., who all are importantly concerned with getting the devices approved.

“To keep things moving, the airlines could team up and each makes a single plane available for say, one day a month, until the testing is done”, New York Time’s Nick Bilton wrote.


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