Colonoscopy the Best to Test Colon Cancer

Colonoscopy the Best to Test Colon Cancer As per reports, it has been revealed that colon cancer is the third leading cause of death among men and women in the US. It is not that treatment is not available for it, or screening is not there. The only reason for such a significant rise in colon cancer deaths is the lack of awareness among people about the symptoms of cancer.

Dr. Robert Roeser, from Integrity Medicine in Newton, said that colonoscopy is the simplest way to detect colon cancer. However, he has noticed that people avoid having a colonoscopy done and later repent on refusal decision.

Roeser said that there are so many types of cancer which do not have screening, but then also their mortality rate is quite less than colon cancer death rate. It happens because people are too scared to get colonoscopy done.

It is not that there is no other method to get colon cancer test done. There are other ways like fecal test and blood test as well, but colonoscopy remains the most effective way to treat colon cancer.

Roeser said that if a patient chooses other method to get colon cancer tested then he is always at risk. Doctors always ask for colonoscopy at that moment. So, it is always better to get colonoscopy done at the first time.

Colonoscopy is done among people who are aged 50 or above. There is a standard for retest and that is if colonoscopy test comes normal then a person is asked to get rechecked after every 10 years. If test has not come normal, then he is asked to undergo further tests done.

The majority of patients avoid colonoscopy because they find the whole procedure of it to be quite painful and strange. However, in reality, it is not painful and bad as expected, said Roeser.


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