National Poison Prevention Week: Let’s Help Prevent Poisoning

 Let’s Help Prevent PoisoningThe incidents of poisoning are quite common in countries like Pennsylvania, where in every five hours a person succumbs to death because of it. On March 18, the 50th anniversary of National Poison Prevention Week was celebrated in collaboration with local health officials.

Poisoning doesn’t have to be a suicidal act. In many circumstances, poisoning takes place as a result of an accident. However, on this 50th anniversary of National Poison Prevention Week, the health care officials have asked the people to be a little bit more vigilant about what they consume.

Jim Carlisle, of Allentown Health Bureau, was reported as saying, “Cosmetics and medication are the most common reasons why children are poisoned… Make sure the medications are in the original containers. And make sure that they're out of the reach of children”.

It has been informed that children under the age group of six are more prone to poisoning. It is believed that similarity in the looks of drugs and certain fresheners baffles the human mind, because of which a person consumes poisonous substance.

Parents can play vital role in reducing the poisoning incidence. Parents, first of all, should inform their kids about the fluids and drugs which they should not consume. Secondly, the drugs which are capable of adversely harming the child should be kept away from the children.

The National Poison Prevention Week would be celebrated till the 24th of March, 2012. Throughout the week, local health workers would be striking to bring awareness among the people about the affect of poisoning over families. Once the incidence of poisoning has taken place in a family, it becomes difficult for them to recover from it. Many people die because of poisoning. Therefore, family members should keep away the lethal products from the reach of kids.


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