New Policies to Ensure Smoke-Free Environment

New Policies to Ensure Smoke-Free EnvironmentWith the pursuit of boosting anti-smoking campaign, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention took a stern action last week by opting for a paid media campaign. It is for the very first time when a government has taken this step for a social cause.

The campaign is aimed at bringing awareness about the hazardous impact of smoking over health and to prevent kids from falling into the traps of smoking. For the past many years, the government has been trying hard with new policies and legislations to minimize adverse outcomes of tobacco on the health of smokers. These efforts have led to a minimal benefit. Therefore, this time the government has decided to go ahead with paid campaign.

It has been informed that various companies have been contacted by the government, asking them to come up with strategies by which change in the smoking behavior of the smokers could be brought. A smoker costs a healthcare provider more than $1275 as compared to a non-smoker.

Plans have been placed of awarding non-smokers less premium on their health insurances plans as compared to the smokers. The government believes that when a smoker will realize that he is being pushed to pay more for his insurance just because of his smoking habits, then he would certainly look for ways to do away with the smoking.

Moreover, those willing to quit smoking would be offered smoking cessation program by their employers. The program has already won the hearts of millions. It is believed that through this program, smokers would be freed from the ill practice of smoking. It is important to note that smokers wouldn’t be pushed to quit smoking unless and until they show willingness to do so.


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