Mozilla Set for Making Changes in Firefox

Mozilla Set for Making Changes in FirefoxOn Thursday, Mozilla announced that the fans of Firefox would soon be able experience new security benefits. It has been informed that this year, new features would be added to the Firefox.

The features would enable the users to enjoy superior security benefits through the silent updates. It has been informed that the browser’s software would be updated silently without notifying the users. Besides, the updates would not cause delayed restart procedure.

Google Chrome is the only browser which is currently using silent updates. Mozilla would be following the footsteps of Google Chrome by making sure that its users are using the updated browser. The company has already initiated with the development. It would take some time for the Mozilla to bring in the new Firefox.

Because of the updates, many users have to wait for few seconds and minutes to go to the page they wish to. Mozilla is hopeful that with the changes the users would not be required to wait long.

The changes are small are beneficial for the users. Mozilla is hopeful that through the changes it would be able to gain the attention of new users. Many more updates would be coming in Firefox this year.


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