Patients Outraged After Their Hip Replacements Failed

Patients Outraged After Their Hip Replacements FailedThere are many outraged New Zealand patients that have filled in a lawsuit against manufacturers Johnson & Johnson after their hip replacements failed. According to them, they are angry that they were not told by the medical authorities and some surgeons that their hip replacements are on the verge of failing.

The main issue is not that their hip replacement failed, but the fact that nobody acted upon it, knowing the fact. The 67 years old Sanda Lawton recalls the pain that she had to adhere which was a clear indication that some was wrong. In October 2008, while she was hiking in the Hong Kong hills, she started to get this horrible sensation of pain in her groin. The pain continued over time, which is why she had to give up her job and move back to Auckland.

Her pains were so severe that she hardly managed to bend from waist. She then underwent a surgery to replace the metal ASR cup with a ceramic one. This resulted in some relief for just over 11 months, after which the pain came back. She regularly reported the pain to the doctor, but was dismissed stating that it was just minor thing and would eventually ease out. Finally after going through the ordeal for some time did an ultrasound that revealed a pseudo-tumor near her hip. Later a blood even confirmed concerning levels for cobalt and chromium.

She then realized that her hip replacement had failed and even though there were plausible evidences in front of her surgeons, they did not act on it, which led to this condition. There were other patients who were suffering this pain and only came to know about the failure of their hip replacement after there were media reports.


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