Flu Season Still in the Air

Flu Season Still in the AirThe health authorities’ doubt that the region is still under the influence of a flu season after Faxton-St Luke's Healthcare diagnosed two of its patients with Influenza “A” due to which they have strictly restricted entry of any visitor in the authority premises.

Medical professionals at the Faxton-St Luke's Healthcare are suggesting people and staff to take precautions, which directly reveals the seriousness of the flu virus. Precautionary measures introduced by the healthcare facility have been set for two weeks or some more.

Also, they have strictly limited the entry of the number of visitors to immediate family with no permission to any person under the age of 16.

Seeing the health officials worrying about the flu and warning people to take all the precautionary measures, it has got very clear that the flu virus is not at all light and people must take the reports of the flue serious.

Suggestions from Mr. Ken Fanelli of the Oneida County Health Department are explaining that the ongoing flu season is not a late flu season but a mild flu season that will end soon

Regarding the situation, some facts were also revealed by Dr. Marissa Kalil, who explained: "Usually the H1N1 is more classic in the fall and the classic seasonal is usually late winter/early spring, which would be this time of year. And between February and April are the most common months”.

The health officials have till date reported about only two influenza virus cases to the health department. With the facts that flu season is still ongoing, people are advised to get their flu vaccine to make them safe from any harm.

The experts are revealing to note two types of flu majorly, for which they added that effective vaccines are available in the markets.


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