Texas Medicaid Funds Exclude Abortion Services in the Region

Texas Medicaid Funds Exclude Abortion Services in the RegionAfter learning from the state's reports about exclusion of Planned Parenthood's participation in same, Obama's administration has declared that it will also no more fund the Texas women's healthcare program.

Texas women's health care program is the one, which serves almost 130,000 women in the region with the help of received federal funds that are directly paid for facilitating low income group women with services like cancer screening, diabetes testing and contraceptive services.

With Texas lawmaker's decision of excluding clinics serving abortion facilities, Obama administration on Thursday revealed about its backing off from the women's healthcare program.

Last week, announcements came from Health and Human Services Secretary Ms. Kathleen Sebelius about federal government's withdrawal of funding for Texas' women's health program following the news of abortion funding prohibition.

"Because the state is implementing a restriction in the freedom of choice of providers in their Women's Health Program that is not permitted under federal law, we have no choice but to not renew their program", said Ms. Cindy Mann, the Director of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, a federal agency that administers the government-run healthcare programs for the elderly and poor.

Ms. Mann further regretted about their decision of putting an end to one of the very valuable programs for women in Texas.

Issue worsened when the Texas Legislature suggested no favor for the abortion services in the region and excluded Planned Parenthood from the Medicaid funding bill that was passed in the year 2011 even though it is not paying any money directly for the abortion services.

The language of the bill clearly says that the disagreement of the federal government to the waiver will discontinue the program immediately, which was entirely unacceptable by Ms. Mann.


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