Government Announces Cuts in Funding for Pharmacies

Government Announces Cuts in Funding for PharmaciesAs per a new report, it has been revealed that pharmacists have started a protest against the decision of the federal government to bring cuts in subsidy.

It has been found that pharmacists have been running down their stocks of essential medicines and are providing written notices to their customers, asking them to stock up prescription medicines.

As per the report findings, the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme has been revised by the government. After properly assessing retail and wholesale margins, it has taken the decision of providing reduced funding for dispensing drugs, more than 200.

The report has found that even though the patents of some medicines got expired, pharmacists were receiving the same amount of funding for these for many years. Also, since such older medicines can be sold in different brand names, these led the pharmacists to earn higher profits. It is thus that the government decided to introduce reductions in funding amount.

While the plan to cut funding amount for dispensing drugs would be implemented in the next month i. e. April 2012, drug outlets have announced that customers would soon face unavailability for certain prescription medications, including cholesterol-lowering drugs, antibiotics and antidepressants.

Also, seeing such a condition, Geoffrey Dobb, who is the vice-president of the Australian Medical Association, said that it is the role of pharmacists to ensure that scripts could be filled. Also, they must have a sense of responsibility related to their job. In support of the government's decision to bring subsidy cuts, he further avowed, ''There's a commercial reason why they are doing this and, no, I don't believe that is a good enough reason for pharmacists to be running stock low''.


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