Smoking Bylaw to Be Out Soon

Smoking Bylaw to Be Out SoonAs per recent reports, it has been claimed that very soon Rundle Mall will be designated as a `No Smoking' zone. Earlier during the week, a City Council committee voted to support a fresh bylaw which will be focusing on slapping smokers with a big fine of $62.50 in case they say no to butt out at the leading shopping strip of city.

During last February, the City Messenger completely exposed that the council was probing over a smoking ban to be designated in the mall along with nine nearby laneways. The bylaw, as per reports, will soon go ahead of the Legislative Review Committee of the State Parliament, which is likely to rubber-stamp it with no delay.

If the bylaw comes to pass, the council will be starting an enforcement of the ban from the coming July. While expressing his opinion in this regard, along with mentioning what all positives can be seen in the region once the mall goes smoke-free, Martin Haese, the General Manager of Rundle Mall Management Authority has claimed that the restrictions were more or less inevitable.

He further added that the huge majority of people are in favour of the ban on smoking in the mall premises, and there stands no doubt on it. In case anything is designated against smoking in the mall premises, there can easily be a minor increase in the turnout of shoppers.

Dr. Amanda Rischbieth, the Chief Executive of Heart Foundation SA, said: "There is certainly evidence in other states and overseas where smoke-free areas have been declared and it has increased traffic to those areas, so you would like to think that would happen in Rundle Mall too".


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