Patient with Brain Tumor Kicked Out Of the Hospital for Smoking Medical Marijuana

MarijuanaAccording to sources, a very well known medical marijuana advocate who fought for the rights to use medical cannabis in US Supreme Court back in 2004 and 2005, was forced to move out of a San Francisco hospital on Monday night.

Angel McClary Raich, is suffering with a brain condition. She visited the hospital on Monday morning so as to get her brain scan done. She at present is suffering from acute pain and also brain tumor, that can’t be treated and hence, the doctors have informed her that she will not be able to live for too long.

Raich stated that she was not allowed to have medical marijuana in the hospital and when she tried to, she was kicked out of the hospital. She asserted that she tried to convince the staff by stating that she is on her death bed and now she can’t live any more without having the cannabis.

Despite the pleading, she was not allowed and finally she had to leave the hospital. However, she is very disappointed by the behavior of the hospital staff and said, “I’m in a state university hospital in the state of California. I have the right to have the same medical care as any other patient does”.

However, the USCF authorities stated that their medical centre doesn’t allow anyone to smoke and even medical marijuana is banned in the hospital premises. Rather, even the vaporized form is not allowed. They asserted that the fumes released can be harmful to the patients as well as the staff.

Moreover, under the federal and state law, the physician can’t let a patient have medical marijuana when they are in such conditions. This is illegal.


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