Facial Hair Doesn’t Attract Women

Facial Hair Doesn’t Attract WomenAs per recent reports, it has been revealed, according to a recently concluded study, that women are not really attracted towards men having beard. However, beards these days are heavily gaining the trend and we can nowadays see lots of young men preferring facial hairs, whether on sports fields or in hipster bars.

The craze of hairy look and feel was seen in full flow in Hollywood as well, with a large number of celebrities making their way to the 2010 Oscars with stylish facial hairs.

On the other hand, a recently concluded research, whose findings have been made available in the recent edition of the journal Behavioral Ecology, revealed: "A new style muse for the entertainment industry's alpha males has emerged. Women ... do not rate bearded faces as more attractive than clean-shaven faces".

Now, a number of psychologists are jumping in with their comments and the news is also not all that superb either when we talk about hirsute ones.

In a recent trial, Paul Vasey, an official from the Canadian University of Lethbridge and New Zealand's Victoria University, Wellington, official Barnaby Dixson found that at the time when beards may well be stylish, and are almost certainly an icon of alpha males and they style symbol, they are not essentially an important key aspect for alluring the ladies.

For assessing the manner in which beards tend to affect visions of the male attractiveness, age, fierceness as well as social status, Dixson and Vasey presented individuals of European descent in Polynesians as well as New Zealand as well in Samoa images of same men, while the images were captured with and without beards, as they demonstrated smiling, neutral, angry and other facial expressions.

Both men and women said that with beards, men almost always looked aged and far more aggressive as compared to the time when they had their facial hairs shaved.


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