Rare Whale Shark Spotted in Southern Ocean

Rare Whale Shark Spotted in Southern OceanA West Australian sardine fisherman has recently reported to have seen a rare tropical whale shark surfacing his boat in the Southern Ocean. The news has come not less than any big surprise for all the fishermen as well as the local scientists of the region.

Whale sharks are known as the world's biggest and harmless fish, which can grow easily up to 12 metres or even more. These fish are generally found in tropical waters, thus seeing them in the Southern Ocean comes as a surprise for all.

These endangered species majorly feeds on plankton but their lives have come under big threat from Asian shark-finners. Scientists, claiming that the Southern Ocean has already started sighting some behavioral changes since some time, are curious upon the news of finding the rare whale fish from a fisherman in the region.

Whale fish has been spotted by Albany commercial fisherman Mr. Peter Westerberg, who in his statement said that while working in King George Sound ,about 420 kilometres in southeast of Perth, in the early hours of Saturday, he saw a blue-and-white-spotted giant fish bumping against his sardine net, whom he earlier thought to be a white pointer but after noticing the four foot of its tail and body, he realized that it was a whale shark.

"I looked over and there was a giant bulge - it was massive. I saw four foot of its tail and body out of the water and it just sort of waved at me - I could have reached out and touched it", Mr. Westerberg told AAP on Tuesday.

Mr. Westerberg upon reaching shore immediately contacted local marine biologist Mr. Brad Norman to inform him about the incidence.