Scientists Plan to Manipulate Blood Orange Genes

Scientists Plan to Manipulate Blood Orange GenesAfter studying the health benefits that are associated with the blood oranges, researchers are planning to manipulate the genes of the fruit and introduce them to other ordinary fruits to supply people with similar health advantages.

British science is preparing to give ordinary fruits a blood orange look by making them equally healthy for the people as is the so-called healthier orange juice.

Researchers with a high hope of turning ordinary into healthier ones are thoroughly studying about the distinctive red pigment which according to them, is present in the blood oranges and primarily makes them healthy. Researchers say that the red pigment of the fruit can efficiently combat obesity and heart disease risks.

The researchers got more into studying the effects of the red pigment when another study (ran recently) claimed the healthier benefits that consumption of blood orange juice in a full English breakfast did.

The scientists wrote their findings in The Plant Cell journal, in which they clearly described about the "ruby" gene of the blood orange making it red. Also, the scientists have found the ways to get the gene activated thereby raising hopes of the scientists to inject similar health benefits in ordinary "blond" orange varieties as well.

The fact lies that blood oranges are very expensive to be bought by people easily because a carton of these oranges cost approx £1 more than any other available orange juice. This is because the fruit grows in cold weather (when they ripe) and is presently grown only in the foothills of Mount Etna in Sicily in the Mediterranean, which makes it hard for it to come by and reach the markets with an ease.

Professor Ms. Cathie Martin said: "Blood oranges contain naturally occurring pigments associated with improved cardiovascular health, controlling diabetes and reducing obesity".

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