The Kony 2012 Is Here

The Kony 2012 Is HereIt has been recently revealed in a report that the new "Kony 2012"video is going to be released soon. It has further been said this new revolutionary video game is going to have a new set of rules to go by. There was previously a video that was launched by Jason Russell, the human rights activist. This video was about the African murderer warlord, Joseph Kony.

It was revealed that there were as many as 58 million viewers who saw video in just a period of four days. The video has gone viral and people are watching it all over the world. It was revealed by the response that digital media definitely calls for a lot of reaction from the people. It might be positive or negative. There are many journalists and general people who have expressed their criticism against the same in recent times.

The video has been slammed by many groups which are of the view that there are many other causes which can do with all the attention and support being given to this and this is absolutely of no use.

"It certainly hits at the strength and the weakness of new media. They are undeniably faster, but they are also undeniably less reliable. It's great when things go fast and they are correct. It's not great when they go fast and they are not correct", revealed communications Professor Barbie Zelizer, of the Stanford Center for Advanced Study.

It was further revealed by Maria Burnett, of the Human Rights Watch in Uganda, that there is still time to see what the final outcome of all this is, but the aim of bringing about more prominence over the role of leaders to help the civilians live a secure life, is important and worth a try.


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