Dell Rolls Out Excellent Ultrabook

Dell Rolls Out Excellent UltrabookIt has been unveiled by a new report that CES 2012 was full of ultrabooks and they remained the attraction for majority of people out there. However, of all of them, Dell’s XPS 13 was found to be at the top.

The report has found that while Dell has launched several laptops and other products since so many years, the new laptop leaves them all behind. It has been revealed that the new ultrabook is ultimate in style, as never seen before in any of Dell’s creations.

It is being said that the version of the XPS 13 is a great blend of metal, plastic and carbon fiber body and is outstandingly slim as well. As per the findings, it weighs merely 2.9 pounds and has a .71-inch thin frame that converts it into an appealing compact machine. Also, a 13-inch screen has been fitted into the same, which is often seen in 12-inch laptops only.

Further, the company has revealed that it possesses a matte silver plastic top ringed with aluminum of durable finish standards and equally comprises a Gorilla Glass-covered LCD screen. Along with it, its bottom consists of a few goodies, which involves covered “XPS” aluminum latch, hiding the Windows 7 system information.

While the screen is the most attracting part of the laptop, it also encompasses a USB 2.0 port on its left side that is edged by a combination of microphone jack and the power jack. And the right side has a USB 3.0 port and a power port together with insertion of 4GB of RAM and Intel integrated graphics.

Besides, it also has a full-size keyboard as well as soft-touch palmrest and a touchpad that makes it comfortable for its users. It is being said that although Dell’s developments are always praised for their tank-like qualities that they feature, amongst all of these, the XPS 13 has been found to be extra graceful.


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