Young People Misjudge Guidelines for Alcohol Consumption

AlcoholIt has been revealed through a recent report that Australian guidelines regarding consumption of alcohol are not being followed by Aussies. The report has found that the recommendations are being overestimated by them, especially the youth.

As per the findings of the report, only a few of the Australians have knowledge about safe levels of drinking. However, majority of the population, including men, heavy drinkers and young people, are not aware of the same.

The team of researchers from the Centre for Alcohol Policy Research had conducted analysis so as to find the alcohol use and effects in the country. It was then found by the team that young people generally tend to miscalculate the amount of alcohol to be consumed by them.

However, the guidelines suggest that no one should consume more than the standard two drinks a day or more than four in a sitting. But, it has been told by the team that the guidelines set by the government of Australia for safe levels of drinking, are being misunderstood by many.

Youngsters between the ages of 14 years and 19 years do not understand how much they should consume in order to prevent short-term harms and consume 8.8 drinks at occasions. Also, female counterparts are also less alert about these guidelines and they consume 6.5 drinks as a result of their overestimation.

It has further been unveiled by the researchers that the overconsumption of alcohol can lead to death of a drinker, one in every 100, as it increases to certain risks in them, including risk of an accident, cancer or assault. But, lack of public campaign to raise awareness has been resulting in the same.

"There is an association between how much people choose to drink and what they think is actually safe”, says the report.


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