Drug to Treat Canine Cancer Found

Drug to Treat Canine Cancer FoundIt has been reported that medication to treat canine cancer has been successfully designed. The medication has been developed by Pfizer Animal Health. It is expected that the medication would become available by today.

The drug thus created would be made available to the veterinarians. Dr. Fleur James from Murdoch University Animal Cancer Care Unit has expressed joy over the invention of the drug. Dr. Fleur James informed that for the past many years, the veterinarians had been relying over the human cancer drugs.

Clinical trials over the drug have already been conducted. The drug was given to five dogs. During the trial, it was found that the drug is capable of reducing or shrinking the size of the tumor.

It has been unveiled about 25% of the pet dogs in Australia succumb to death because of canine cancer. The veterinarians are hopeful that with the new drugs, many dogs would be saved from succumbing to death because of the lethal skin cancer.

Dr. James was reported of saying, "Pets are so much a part of the family these days, and as they get older they are more likely to develop cancer. The emotional component of having a pet diagnosed with cancer can be extremely stressful".

It has been informed that the drug is administered orally to the dogs. The drug was used by the Vet Rod Straw for the very first time over a pet. Vet Rod Straw is the founder of the Animal Cancer Foundation and of the Brisbane Veterinary Specialist Centre.

According to Vet Rod Straw, one in four dogs is vulnerable to develop tumor during their life span. It is hoped that with the introduction of the medication, dogs could be saved from the fatal canine cancer.


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