AAPT Launches ADSL2+ Plan, Facilitating Unlimited Downloading

TelecomTelecom New Zealand's Australian arm, AAPT hails as Australia’s first ISP to launch an ADSL 2+ plan with limitless downloads, no capping and no throttling.

It has initiated with the offering of unlimited ADSL2+ broadband service to customers who are interested to sign-up for two years for around a $99.95 per month.

However, a dozen ISPs offer unlimited downloads as part of their broadband Internet plans, but most of them facilitate reduced speeds while others charge fees for extra downloads.

AAPT Chief Executive Paul Broad quoted, "As consumers, we all have a moral responsibility to ensure recording artists receive the royalties they rightly deserve and by offering our Entertainment Bundle we’re encouraging Australians to do the right thing”.

In addition, AAPT has also undergone a deal with music label EMI to facilitate an online music service with the offer which will include $50 worth of song downloads and unlimited streamed content.