Human Senses are Connected, Says Study

Human-SensesThe sighting capability and smelling power of humans have a strong connection between them, says a new Canadian research.

In the findings of a new study, a team of researchers at the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital, also known as the Neuro and the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia, has revealed that sighting and smelling power are strongly linked with each other. Researchers noticed in their study that on igniting the brain's visual cortex with a small electrical charge, improvement can be seen in a person's sense of smell.

The above findings have been published in the Journal of Neuroscience by researchers, who further claimed that the human senses are strongly wired together. Lead investigator of the study, Dr. Christopher Pack of the Neuro, said in his statement that with help of the study, the scientists are aiming to learn how the senses serve a common goal and process information to give a coherent picture of the world to us at the same time.

The researchers, with the new study, have also tried to gather information on whether igniting one part of the brain can affect any other sense of the body, like if sight can have any impact on senses like smelling, hearing, etc.

Fortunately, the study has given positive results to the researchers who noticed that electrically stimulating visual cortex of the brain can improve the person's ability to identify an odd odor. With the evident cross-wiring, researchers have succeeded in proving that human senses are more firmly interconnected than believed.

“The improvements are small, and we don't know how long they last”, said Dr. Pack. “It may be minutes or hours, but if we could extend the duration for longer, there may be some clinical relevance. This is something we're currently exploring”.

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